I sculpt with C4D R14

Experience a new way of modeling!

Cinema 4D R14 has introduced a new way to create models. Discover all the new sculpting tools that will help you think of modeling tasks in a different way. The purpose of this tutorial is to not only showcase the new features but also share tips and methods on how to approach sculpting. Through the use of time-lapse videos you will witness the ease with which you can constantly revise your work and search for the specific look you have in mind.  The tutorial is divided in to 4 chapters. The first two, discuss the tools and its use cases along with some tips, while the other two chapters bring you in front of two different sculpt projects. In more detail:  


• Explaining the new interface and tools. Running time: 34:26 • Shortcuts and tips Running time: 3:00 • Sketching the human head Running time: 15:00 • Sculpting with masks Running time: 27:40

Total Running time: approximately 80 minutes